Pain Education Resources


Diverse Resources for In-Depth Learning

Our suite of pain education resources is designed to provide comprehensive and engaging learning experiences for those interested in understanding and managing pain effectively. These resources, ranging from podcasts to case studies and modules, offer varied perspectives and insights into pain management.

Small Group Facilitated Sessions

Small Group Facilitated Sessions

Review materials offering interactive sessions that foster collaborative learning and critical thinking in pain management. Experts guide these sessions to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Check out our introduction to facilitation video here.

Read an Excerpt of UoT IPC Pain Week – Tuesday Facilitator Manual 

Case Studies

VIC Case and Others (Teasers): Explore real-life scenarios with our case studies, designed to challenge and refine your understanding of pain management in diverse situations.


Pain Education Case Studies
Medical Marijuana for Pain

Podcast Teaser Episode

Explore our podcast series with a teaser episode that offers intriguing insights into contemporary pain management topics—a perfect blend of expert knowledge and real-world experiences.

Educational Module Teasers

Pain Mechanisms Module-SM

Pain Mechanisms Module

Get a glimpse of our detailed Pain Mechanisms Module offering in-depth knowledge and practical approaches to understanding pain’s physiological and neurological aspects.

View Module
Opioid Module

Opioids Module

Get a glimpse of our detailed Opioid Module offering comprehensive coverage of opioid management, its uses, and challenges.

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We have run the IPC Pain Week program in hybrid, virtual and in-person formats.