Executive Committee

Knowledge Translation + Networking Subcommittee

-Identify opportunities and engage in activities that enables UTCSP to become a seamless conduit for knowledge generation and dissemination

-Create innovative opportunities for knowledge mobility and implementation science (KMIS) of pain research and practice, within UTCSP and broadly

-Support capacity building and training in KMIS

-Foster a diverse and inclusive community through engagement and outreach opportunities.

Research Training Subcommittee

The goals of the Research Training Subcommittee, as per the UTCSP Strategic Plan are to:

-maintain a research digest of UTCSP scientist members

-identify and prioritize recruitment of new scientists

-encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research and collaboration

-support exceptional trainees

-maintain the relevance of the Annual Scientific Meeting to member

Education Subcommittee

The goals of the Education Committee, as per the UTCSP Strategic Plan (2021-2026) are to:

-Support the evaluation of educational programs, including the IPC, in order to understand learning outcomes, identify opportunities and provide recommendations to enhance chronic pain education

-Promote and make accessible existing educational resources for use across our membership and through partnership with other associations and faculties

-Advance undergraduate interprofessional education through program development and delivery of IPC