UTCSP Pain Scientists

One of the core mandates of the UTCSP is to support the recruitment and development of pain scientists across the faculties at U of T. We have a robust history of providing faculties with salary/start-up funds through our UTCSP Scientists Program to support exceptional pain researchers and scientists. The success of this program is highlighted by the recent tenure track appointments achieved by five past and present UTCSP members. We offer congratulations to Drs. Rob Bonin (Pharmacy), Iacopo Coiffe (Dentistry), Massieh Moayedi (Dentistry), Sara Guilcher (Pharmacy), Craig Dale (Nursing). Feedback from our UTCSP scientists has uniformly highlighted the important role the UTCSP and Pain Scientist position has had on their tenure evaluation by providing teaching, collaboration, and mentorship opportunities.

Current Recipients

Seed Grant

Grant amount: up to $30,000

Who can apply: Principal applicants must be UTCSP members with a faculty appointment to the University of Toronto who are able to hold research funds at the University of Toronto.

Full information for applicants (PDF): Here

Application form: Here

How to apply: Please the application package (all documents in one PDF) to utcsp@utoronto.ca.

Deadline: October 13, 2023

Current 2024 Recipients

Dr. Jennifer Stinson, Faculty of NursingDr. Mandeep Singh, Faculty of Medicine, AnesthesiologyDr. Sara Guilcher, Faculty of PharmacyDr. Jeffery Wieskopf, Faculty of Medicine, Psychiatry

UTCSP Research Bridge Grants Program 2024

The UTCSP Research Bridge Grants program will provide one-time financial support for independent researchers who can hold funds at the University of Toronto to boost their research programs towards sustainable funding and academic success. This fund is intended to support research of University of Toronto, Centre for the Study of Pain Faculty members whose grant applications to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant Competitions (202303PJT and 202309PJT) that have undergone peer-review and have been highly ranked but have not been awarded. CIHR Bridge Grant recipients are not eligible.

Recipients of the UTCSP Bridge Grant must re-apply to the CIHR Project Grant competition, or an equivalent funding scheme (e.g., NIH R01), within the next year. Successful applicants are expected to provide a 1-page report upon resubmission, outlining the use of funds, and how these have helped improve the grant.

The Bridge Grant will be $20,000 and must be spent exclusively on the outlined project. The funds should be used within 1 year, with no possibility of extensions.


  • Nominated Principal Applicants must be UTCSP members with a faculty appointment to the University of Toronto who are able to hold research funds at the University of Toronto (a PI cost center at the University of Toronto for receipt of funds).
  • Applicants can only be a Nominated Principal Applicant on one application.
  • All applicants must have submitted an application as the Nominated Principal Applicant to the recent CIHR competition (202303PJT and 202309PJT) that was not awarded and have received written evaluations from the funding body.


Please submit a single PDF with the following items, in the following order:

  • Complete submission form signed by the NPA
  • A copy of the unsuccessful grant application
  • A copy of all review documents (must include rating, ranking, and written comments) for the most recent submission.
  • A 2-page response to reviewers’ comments, explaining how comments from the unsuccessful grant application will be addressed and a budget justification outlining how the Bridge Funds will be used to improve a submission in the next available competition to a major funding agency. (Letter Page, 1/2” margins, size 12 Times New Roman)

How to Apply

  • Email the submission package as a single PDF file to utcsp@utoronto.ca
  • Deadline: 7:00 pm March 11, 2024
  • Applications that are incomplete, do not meet the eligibility criteria, and/or are submitted past the deadline will not be considered.