Vina Mohabir BSc (H)

Vina is an incoming PhD student co-supervised by Drs. Jennifer Stinson and Chitra Lalloo at the University of Toronto in the Insitute for Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation. Her thesis will focus on the implementation of a digital self-management app for youth with sickle cell disease. She also has lived experience with pain and works as an advocate within the community.


University of Toronto

Principal Faculty:

Dr. Jennifer Stinson

Principal Department/Program:

Child Health Evaluative Sciences, The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Institute for Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation

Principal Hospital Appointment:

The Hospital for Sick Children


Dr. Jennifer Stinson

Key Publications:

1. Killackey T, Noel M, Birnie K, Choiniere M, Pagé G, Dassieu L, Lacasse A, Lalloo C, Poulin P, Ingelmo P, Ali S, Battaglia M, Campbell F, Smith A, Benayon M, Jordan I, Marianayagam J, Harris L, Mohabir V, Stinson J. on behalf of COVIDChildPain Team. “We survived the pandemic together”: The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadian Families Living with Chronic Pain”. Canadian Journal of Pain. Accepted December 6, 2022. 2. Litwin S, Copeland J, Clarke L, Mohabir V, Tyrrell J, Campbell F. Designing a Child-, Family- and Healthcare Provider-Centered Procedure Room in a Tertiary Care Children’s Hospital. Health Environments Research & Design Journal. Accepted January 18, 2023. 3. Lalloo C, Mohabir V, Osei-Twum J, Sun N, Mesaroli G, Klein S, Eshqoor S, Stinson J. Pediatric Project ECHO ® For Pain: Implementation and mixed methods evaluation of a virtual medical education program to support interprofessional pain management in children and youth. BMC Medical Education. Accepted January 11, 2022. 4. Killackey T, Benayon M, Noel M, BirnieK, Choiniere M, Pagé G, Dassieu L, Lacasse A, Lalloo C, Poulin P, Ingelmo P, Ali S, Battaglia M, Campbell F, Smith A, Harris L, Mohabir V, Jordan I, Marianayagam J, Stinson J. on behalf of COVIDChildPain Team. COVID-19 Impact and Response by Canadian Pediatric Pain Clinics: A National Survey of Pediatric Pain Clinic Medical Directors. Canadian Journal of Pain. DOI:10.1080/24740527.2021.1894872 5. Azam, M. A., Mohabir, V., Katz, J., & Ritvo, P. (2016). Individuals with tension and migraine headaches exhibit increased heart rate variability during post-stress mindfulness meditation practice but a decrease during a post-stress control condition – A randomized, controlled experiment. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 110(October), 66–74.