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Seyed Asaad Karimi is a research fellow who is interested in understanding how the brain encodes, stores, and uses information. Asaad’s Research interest is grouped under 3 themes: 1: The effect of chronic pain on shaping brain circuits, 2) understanding the neural basis of cognitive function and dysfunction, 3) pain memory engram. Asaad’s current research aims to understand how chronic pain modify the neural circuits and transmitter systems related to sensory, emotional, social and cognitive information.


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Loren Martin

Key Publications:

1- Opto-extinction of a Threat Memory in Mice S Park, JH Jung, SA Karimi, A Jacob, SA Josselyn Brain research bulletin. 2- Enhancement of intrinsic neuronal excitability?mediated by a reduction in hyperpolarization?activated cation current (Ih) in hippocampal CA1 neurons in a rat … SA Karimi, N Hosseinmardi, M Sayyah, R Hajisoltani, M Janahmadi. Hippocampus 31 (2), 156-169. 3- Sex differences in spatial learning and memory and hippocampal long-term potentiation at perforant pathway-dentate gyrus (PP-DG) synapses in Wistar rats S Safari, N Ahmadi, R Mohammadkhani, R Ghahremani, … Behavioral and Brain Functions 17, 1-11 4- The effects of glial cells inhibition on spatial reference, reversal and working memory deficits in a rat model of traumatic brain injury (TBI) A Rezagholizadeh, SA Karimi, N Hosseinmardi, M Janahmadi, M Sayyah International Journal of Neuroscience 132 (3), 226-236. 5- Underlying mechanisms of long-term potentiation during the inhibition of the cannabinoid CB1 and GABAB receptors in the dentate gyrus of hippocampus M Nazari, SA Karimi, S Komaki, M Kourosh Arami, A Komaki BMC neuroscience 24 (1), 1-10