Roses Parker BSc, PG Dip

Roses Parker has a passion to eliminate all unnecessary child pain. This led to a PhD investigating how parents of children with cancer manage their child’s cancer-related pain at home. Her mixed methods project, now in its final year, involves integrating surveys, pain diaries and interviews. Alongside her full-time doctoral studies, Roses is a part-time children’s cancer nurse at a tertiary cancer centre. She has held research posts in the UK and New Zealand and previously worked for the London Ambulance Service. Roses is the Assistant Editor for Social Media at the Journal of Child Health Care. She has published widely, and her most recent publication is an integrative review of interventions to support parents when managing their child’s pain at home.


London South Bank University

Principal Faculty:

Health and Social Care

Principal Department/Program:

Children’s Nursing

Key Publications:

Parker, R., McKeever, S., Wiseman, T., and Twycross, A., (2017). An integrative review of interventions to support parents when managing their child’s pain at home. Pain Management Nursing, November 2017. Twycross, A., Parker, R., Williams, A., & Gibson, F. (2015). Cancer-related pain and pain management: sources, prevalence, and the experiences of children and parents. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing, 32(6), 369-384. Parker, R., de Vries, K. and Coombs, M., (2016). Redefining the carer-patient model at end of life. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 22(6), pp.5-10. Coombs, M.A., Parker, R. and de Vries, K., (2016). Managing risk during care transitions when approaching end of life: A qualitative study of patients’ and health care professionals’ decision making. Palliative Medicine, p.0269216316673476. Coombs, M.A., Parker, R., Ranse, K., Endacott, R. and Bloomer, M.J., (2016). An integrative review of how families are prepared for and supported during withdrawal of life?sustaining treatment in intensive care. Journal of advanced nursing.