Robert Ungard PhD Candidate, MSc

Robert Ungard is a PhD Candidate in the Medical Science program of McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Gurmit Singh. Robert’s research is focussed on the basic mechanisms of cancer-induced bone pain, and ways to reduce that pain that maintain patient quality of life throughout treatment. To discuss Robert’s research please contact him at:


McMaster University

Principal Faculty:

Health Science

Principal Department/Program:

Medical Science


Gurmit Singh

Key Publications:

Zhu YF, Ungard R, Seidlitz E, Zacal N, Huizinga J, Henry JL, Singh G. (2017). Rat model of cancer-induced bone pain: changes in nonnociceptive sensory neurons in vivo. PAIN Reports. 10.1097/PR9.0000000000000603. Nashed M, Ungard R, Young K, Zacal N, Seidlitz E, Frey B, Singh G. (2017). Behavioral effects of using sulfasalazine to inhibit glutamate released by cancer cells: A novel target for Cancer-Induced Depression. Scientific Reports. 7:41382. Linher-Melville K, Nashed M, Ungard R, Gunning P, Singh G. (2016). Chronic inhibition of STAT3/STAT5 activation in two representative human breast cancer cell lines: convergence on the ROS/SUMO pathway and its effects on system xC-. PLoS One. 11(8). Zhu YF, Ungard R, Seidlitz E, Zacal N, Huizinga J, Henry JL, Singh G. (2015). Differences in electrophysiological properties of functionally identified nociceptive sensory neurons in an animal model of cancer-induced bone pain. Molecular Pain. 12:1-12. Ungard R, Seidlitz E, Singh G. (2014). Inhibition of breast cancer-cell glutamate release with sulfasalazine limits cancer-induced bone pain. PAIN. 155(1): 28-36.