Megha Rao PhD Candidate

I am currently a PhD candidate specializing in the Integrative Biosciences stream in the School of Kinesiology at Western University. My research interests are in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the effects of intervention programs on pain self-efficacy, resiliency levels, and the bidirectional influences of children’s pain experiences with parental and family factors. I hope to contribute to the growing body of literature that works towards helping children cope with fear, pain, and stress. My goal is to help develop new, more effective clinical therapy strategies. I currently am a research student in Stevens Lab at SickKids, a research trainee in the Pain in Child Health (PICH) consortium, a researcher on Dr. Angela Mandich’s (UWO) study of CBT in children with autism, and have attended Connaught Summer Institute in Pain for their 2019 session.


University of Western Ontario

Principal Faculty:

Faculty of Health Sciences

Principal Department/Program:

Kinesiology- Integrative Biosciences.

Principal Hospital Appointment:

The Hospital for Sick Children


Dr. Bonnie Stevens