Maham Zain

I am a 5th year PhD candidate in Dr. Robert Bonin’s lab studying the plasticity of gentle touch processing in pathological pain using mouse models. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto with high distinction and a double major in psychology and genetics in 2018. My time at Dr. Bonin’s lab has equipped me with an expertise in a broad range of topics including systematic reviews, statistical analyses, optogenetics, behavioral paradigms and immunohistochemistry.


University of Toronto

Principal Faculty:


Principal Department/Program:

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Robert Bonin

Key Publications:

1. *Li, J., *Zain, M. & Bonin, R. P. Differential modulation of thermal preference after sensitization by optogenetic or pharmacological activation of heat-sensitive nociceptors. Mol Pain, doi:10.1177/17448069211000910 (2020). *Co-first authors 2. Zhang, H., Lecker, I., Collymore, C., Dokova, A., Pham, M.C., Rosen, S.F., Crawhall-Duk, H., Zain, M., Valencia, M., Filippini, H.F., Li, J., D’souza, A.J., Cho, C., Michailidis, V., Whissell, P.D.,Patel, I., Steenland, H.W., Lee, W.-J.V., Moayedi, M., Sterley, T.-L., Bains, J.S., Stratton, J.A., Matyas, J.R., Biernaskie, J., Dubins, D., Vukobradovic, I., Bezginov, A., Flenniken, A.M., Martin, L.J., Mogil, J.S., And Bonin, R.P. Cage-Lid Hanging Behavior as a Translationally Relevant Measure Of Pain In Mice. PAIN, doi:10.1097/j.pain.0000000000002127 (2020). 3. Zain, M. & Bonin, R. P. Alterations in evoked and spontaneous activity of dorsal horn wide dynamic range neurons in pathological pain: A systematic review and analysis. PAIN, doi:10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001632 (2019).