Lillian Saberian Graduate student at MSc of MS

Experienced Healthcare Provider as an IMG General Practitioner, immigrated to Canada in 2015 and currently is a Canadian citizen. Passed the Medical Council of Canada Qualification exams. Participated in the Clinical Research Certificate program at the UofT (Sep 2021-Aug2022). Enrolled in the MSc of Medical Sciences at the UofT starting from September 2022.



Principal Department/Program:

Medical science


Dr. Andrea Furlan

Key Publications:

1. Saberian L, Baigi V, Zafarghandi M, et al. Gender-based trauma outcomes and predictors of post-injury in-hospital mortalities: A multicenter analysis from the national trauma registry of Iran. Arch Trauma Res [serial online] 2021 [cited 2022 Jan 7]; 10:209-14. Available from: 2. Ghasempour Dabaghi G, Rabiee Rad M, Saberian L. Treatment of COVID-19 by CD24FC; a mini-review to the current knowledge. J Prev Epidemiol. 2021;6(1): e04. doi: 10.34172/ jpe.2021.04. 3. Badri Sh, Saberian L, et al., Nephrotoxicity induced by vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitors. J Nephropharmacol. 2022;11(1): e4-e4. doi: 10.34172/npj.2022.04 4. Bahmani M, Saberian L. Prospective approach to manage COVID-19-related cytokine storm, an updated review on current concepts. J Prev Epidemiol. 2021;6(1): e20. doi: 10.34172/ jpe.2021.20. 5. Aleebrahim-Dehkordi E, Saberianpour S, Soleiman-Dehkordi E, Hooshyar D, Mojtahedi Z, Kianpour N, Hasanpour-Dehkordi A, Saberian L, Akhavan Sepahi M. Autophagy and treatment of patients with COVID-19; which drugs target the autophagy pathway? J Nephropathol. 2022;11(1): e01. DOI: 10.34172/jnp.2022.01.