Laura Pus Administrative Director MBA, BSCH

Laura Pus is the Administrative Director of the Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI). Her work and experience focuses on program strategy, implementation and evaluation. Prior to her work at TAPMI worked at Women’s College Hospital where she been responsible for implementing and evaluating a multi-institutional primary care integration project in partnership with WCH, UHN and the Toronto Central CCAC. She also has previous experience working at the MOHLTC and UHN in the office of strategy management.


Queen’s University

Principal Faculty:


Principal Department/Program:

Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute

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Key Publications:

A Primary Care Practice-Based Intervention to Reduce ED Visits and Hospitalization for Complex Patients Abstract International Forum for Health Quality and Safety Institute for Healthcare Improvement & British Medical Journal (2016) Improving System Integration: The Art and Science of Engaging Solo Primary Care Providers in Health System Innovation International Journal of Family Medicine (2015) Using Archetypes to Design Services for High Users of Healthcare Healthcare Papers, (14(2) July 2014: 37-41)