Ket Hing Chong PhD (Computational Systems Biology)

Ket Hing is interested in studying cancer from a holistic approach or interdisciplinary approach, which means combining molecular biology, mathematics and dynamical system theory to investigate the molecular mechanism that controls cell life and death. His study focuses on the p53 gene regulatory network. The main objective is to understand what causes cancer and how to design better treatment for cancer. Recently, he works on neurology of pain using a systems biology approach.


Lincoln University, New Zealand

Principal Faculty:

The Hospital for Sick Children

Principal Department/Program:

Neurosciences and Mental Health

Principal Hospital Appointment:

Research Fellow


Steve A Prescott

Key Publications:

1. Chong, K. H., Samarasinghe, S., & Kulasiri, D. (2015). Mathematical modelling of p53 basal dynamics and DNA damage response. Mathematical Biosciences 259, 27-42 2. Ranjan, B., Chong, K.H., & Zheng, J. (2018). Composite mathematical modeling of calcium signaling behind neuronal cell death in Alzheimer’s disease. BMC Systems Biology (APBC 2018). 3. Zhang, X., Chong, K.H., & Zheng, J. (2018). A Monte Carlo method for in silico modeling and visualization of Waddington’s epigenetic landscape with intermediate details. bioRxiv. doi: 4. Chong, K.H., Zhang, X., & Zheng, J. (2018).