Emili Adhamidhis HBSc

My name is Emili Adhamidhis, currently I am a first-year MSc student in the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. I am studying changes in gray matter morphology following surgical treatment for trigeminal neuralgia under the supervision of Dr. Mojgan Hodaie.


University of Toronto

Principal Faculty:

Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Principal Department/Program:

Institute of Medical Science

Principal Hospital Appointment:

Toronto Western Hospital


Dr. Mojgan Hodaie

Key Publications:

Saposnik G, Galanos LC, Guerrero R, Casagrande F, Adhamidhis E, Gao MMY, Grupper MF, Arsovska A. The World Stroke Academy: A World Stroke Organization global pathway to improve knowledge in stroke care. Int J Stroke. 2022 Oct;17(8):829-834. doi: 10.1177/17474930221085895. Epub 2022 Mar 10. PMID: 35195047; PMCID: PMC9483194.