Camille Fauchon Ph.D


University of Health Network

Principal Faculty:

Krembil Research Institute

Principal Department/Program:

Division of Brain, Imaging and Behaviour – Systems Neuroscience

Principal Hospital Appointment:

Toronto Western Hospital


Dr. Karen D. Davis

Key Publications:

C. Fauchon, I. Faillenot, AM. Perrin, C. Borg, V.Pichot, F. Chouchou, L. Garcia-Larrea, R. Peyron (2017). Does an observer’s empathy influence my pain? European Journal of Neuroscience. 10(September): 46, 2629–2637. C. Fauchon, V. Pichot, I. Faillenot, B. Pommier, L. Garcia-Larrea, R. Peyron, F. Chouchou (2018). Contextual modulation of autonomic pain responses. Autonomic Neuroscience. (July) 212, 28–31. C. Quesada, B. Pommier, C. Fauchon, C. Créac’h, F. Vassal, R. Peyron (2018). Robot-guided neuronavigated rTMS in central (neuropathic) pain. An update of long-term follow-up. Archives of Physical Medecine and Rehabilitation R. Peyron, C. Fauchon (2018). Functional Imaging of pain. Revue Neurologique. (October) R. Peyron R, C. Fauchon (2018), The posterior insular-opercular cortex: an access to the brain networks of thermosensory and nociceptive processes?, Neuroscience Letters.