Batu Kaya Honours BA&Sc (from McGill University)

Batu Kaya graduated from McGill University’s interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts and Science Cognitive Science (Honours) program in 2019. As a MSc trainee in Dr. Moayedi’s lab, they are studying chronic post-surgical pain after mastectomies using multi-disciplinary methods that range from multimodal neuroimaging to qualitative patient-interviews. They are also coordinating a clinical study on memory in Parkinson’s disease at Toronto Western with the aim of improving clinical neuropsychological assessment. Batu’s research interests include affective nociceptive pathways, social and psychological determinants of post-surgical pain, and the interplay between gender-identity and body-image perceptions in chronic pain.


University of Toronto

Principal Faculty:

Faculty of Dentistry

Principal Department/Program:

CPIN-Faculty of Dentistry

Principal Hospital Appointment:

Women’s College Hospital


Dr. Massieh Moayedi (St. George-University of Toronto)

Key Publications:

Identification of Central Amygdala and Trigeminal Motor Nucleus Connectivity in Humans: An Ultra-High Field Diffusion MRI Study (under review)-Kaya, Batu; Geha, Paul; de Araujo, Ivan; Cioffi, Iacopo; Moayedi, Massieh