Anna Pasternak student

I am a senior neuroscience major at Dartmouth College in NH, USA. I have worked in neuro labs since highschool and am culminating my senior with with an honors neuro thesis on learning and memory. I want to continue neuro research and get a phd.



Principal Faculty:

David Bucci

Principal Department/Program:

Pyschological Brain Sciences


David Bucci

Key Publications:

Pickett JE, Nagakura K, Pasternak AR, Grinnell SG, Majumdar S, Lewis JS, Pasternak GW. Sandmeyer reaction repurposed for the site-selective, non-oxidizing radioiodination of fully-deprotected peptides: Studies on the endogenous opioid peptide ?-neoendorphin. Bio Med Chem Lett. 2013 Applebaum AJ, Farran CJ, Marziliano AM, Pasternak AR, Breitbart W. Preliminary study of themes of meaning and psychosocial service use among informal cancer caregivers. Palliative Support Care. 2013. Majumdar S, Subrath J, Le Rouzic V, Polikar L, Burgman M, Nagakura K, Ocampo J, Haselton N, Pasternak AR, Grinnel S, Pan YX, Pasternak GW. Synthesis and evaluation of aryl-naloxamide opiate analgesics targeting truncated exon 11-associated mu opioid receptor (MOR-1) splice variants. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2012. Majumdar S, Burgman M, Haselton N, Grinnell S, Ocampo J, Pasternak AR, Pasterna