Amol Deshpande MD MBA

Dr. Deshpande graduated from the University of Toronto in 1992 and completed a Fellowship in Pain Management at the Toronto Hospital in 1994. He has been practicing pain medicine for approximately 20 years with a particular interest in neuropathic pain conditions. Since 1996, he has been an Associate Staff member at the Chronic Pain Investigation Unit at the Toronto Western Hospital and has also held the position of Lead-Physician, Health Services Department at the WSIB. Currently, he is on staff at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI) in the Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Pain Program (CiPP) and holds a seat on the Research Committee for the Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI).


University of Toronto

Principal Faculty:

Faculty of Medicine

Principal Department/Program:

Dept. of Family Medicine and Community Medicine

Principal Hospital Appointment:

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute



Key Publications:

1. Deshpande A, Mailis A. Medical Cannabis and Pain Management: How Might the Role of Cannabis Be Defined in Pain Medicine? JALM Jan 2018, 2 (4) 485-488; DOI: 10.1373/jalm.2017.023184. Senior Responsible Author 2. Deshpande A, Lakha SF, Zoheiry N, Mailis-Gagnon A. Efficacy and Adverse Effects Of Medical Marijuana in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Canadian Family Physician. August 2015 vol. 61 no. 8e372-e381. Senior Responsible Author Impact: One of the first systematic reviews published to assess the efficacy and adverse effects of inhaled cannabis (rather than cannabinoid-based medicine) in chronic non-cancer pain.