Alexandre Lopes Graduated student

Course doctoral postgraduate in Anesthesiology Medical School Botucatu, State of São Paulo, UNESP University (experimental models for the study of pain and analgesic therapy). Specialist Teaching Higher Education for College Uningá – Botucatu. Degree in Nursing from the University Paulista UNIP – Bauru, where he had full scholarship by the University for All program -PROUNI, courtesy of the Brazilian federal government for lower financial income and with great academic potential students. Currently a teacher of higher education at the undergraduate course in Nursing in Eduvale college Avaré. This minister college disciplines of Biostatistics and Information System in Health Care of Health Care Worker and the Adult Health Nursing. Has published papers in scientific journals and conferences in the area: the study of pain , nursing , education and public health. It has experience in teaching and training supervision of technical education Nursing and Distance Learning tutoring (TDL). Participates as a volunteer in the technical service pharmacy chemotherapy, study of prophylactic and palliative drugs. Currently , in addition to his doctoral research , participates in two other research involving the study of pain in the Botucatu Medical School – Unesp. Supplementary information is available at his online CV:


Botucatu Medical School- UNESP

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PHD Guilherme Antonio Moreira de Barros

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University Hospital


PHD Guilherme Antonino Moreira de Barros