One of the core mandates of the UTCSP is to support the recruitment and development of pain scientists across the faculties at U of T. We have a robust history of providing faculties with salary/start-up funds through our UTCSP Scientists Program to support exceptional pain researchers and scientists. The success of this program is highlighted by the recent tenure track appointments achieved by five past and present UTCSP members. We offer congratulations to Drs. Rob Bonin (Pharmacy), Iacopo Coiffe (Dentistry), Massieh Moayedi (Dentistry), Sara Guilcher (Pharmacy), Craig Dale (Nursing). Feedback from our UTCSP scientists has uniformly highlighted the important role the UTCSP and Pain Scientist position has had on their tenure evaluation by providing teaching, collaboration, and mentorship opportunities.

Dr. Massieh Moayedi

Notable Accomplishments

Human Pain Seminar Series

Pain Talks

Grand from the American Association for Orthodontics (US$30,000), as co-PI

3 Manuscript accepted

Top contributions to the UTCSP

Research Committee (reworked grant).

Research Day – planning activities.

Trainee Welcome Event planning.

Dr. Ruth Ross

Notable Accomplishments

5 year CIHR grant: development and testing of novel CB1 allosteric modulators (implications for pain and addictions)

8 Publications (2020,2021)

Established Toronto Consortium for Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research (TC3)

Top contributions to the UTCSP

Contributions to workshops and events

Partnerships with TC3

CCIC event planning

Drug discovery and cutting-edge research in the pain addictions field

Dr. Lindsay Jibb

Dr. lIndsay Jibb holds the Signy Hildur Eaton Chair in Pediatric Nursing Research at the Hospital for Sick Children’s and the University of Toronto and a Certified Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse. Dr. Jibb’s research program is broadly focused on enhancing quality of life and improving psychosocial care for children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer and their families.

Major Focuses within this area are:

User-centered development and evaluation of digital health technologies for pain and symptoms management.

Interventions to empower and support the health of family caregivers of children with cancer.

Child with cancer and caregiver-oriented research priority identification and engagement in research.

Dr. Sara Guilcher

With a clinical background in physical therapy, Dr. Guilcher is an innovative health services researcher and clinical epidemiologist conducting research that crosses multiple disciplines. the Guilcher lab leads science that aims to optimize overall health care delivery, experiences, outcomes and well-being of individuals.

Major Focuses within this area are:

Transitions in care, integration of care, multimorbidity, disability, self-management, person-centred care, patient safety and hospital harm/deconditioning, alternate level of care (delay in discharge, “hallway medicine”). hip fracture, and spinal cord injury/dysfunction.